What Any Church Member Would Want

Why would we emphasize progress in preaching? Why would we hold up 1 Timothy 4:15 as normative for every preacher of the gospel? Why would we join some Progress Project where we do something everyday to get better at our preaching?

Here is a reason to consider: what believer anywhere would not want to be a member of a church where the pastor makes on-going progress in his preaching? Who wouldn’t want to be a member of a church like that?

Granted, people join churches for all kinds of reasons, and at times the real motive is simply to be placated or entertained by what is being taught from the platform. My statement assumes a spiritual, godly, growing believer in Christ. But, after all, that’s who you want to be a part of your church, correct? So, then, it stands to reason that we would want someone to join our fellowship who is both a maturing believer and who wants their preacher to be always sharpening his skill in handling the word of truth.

Maybe you’re still not convinced. Do some research. Find some spiritually-minded in your congregation and pose the question to them. Ask them, “Would having a preacher who is making improvement in his preaching be a positive value in your mind, a benefit for being a member of that church?” Let me know what you find out.

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